My interview experience at Jio

My interview experience at Jio

August 12, 2023
Recently, I applied to Reliance Jio as part of my on campus placement drive

Round 1) Group Discussion

This year, instead of an aptitude test the first round was a Group Discussion round. We were split into groups of 10 and each group had 2 interviewers. The recruiters informed us that we have 2 minutes to think over the topic and 5 minutes for the discussion. Some of the topics for the GD were:
  • Traditional Retail vs E-Commerce
  • Cloud Computing: Pros & Cons
  • Automation in enhancing customer experiences
  • Cyberbullying: Ways to prevent it
  • Influence of Social Media on Youth
After the discussion, we were informed of the results immediately. From my group 3 people were selected for the L1 interview, including me. In some groups, more students got selected including as many as 9.
The key things to note for this round are to be polite, speak relevant to the topic, and propose your views without sounding one-sided. Additionally, no one is going to give you a chance to speak, so you'll need to snatch your chance. This might mean interrupting someone, but it's necessary to speak up. Remember, those who do not speak will not be selected at all.

L1 Interview

My L1 interview was held very late, around 7 PM. I was mostly asked questions based on my resume, some of which I have listed below:
  • Tell me one thing not listed on your resume which you have learnt during your internships
  • Difference between JRE, JVM and JDK
  • Does Java have Garbage Collection?
  • What is calloc() and malloc() in C?
  • Difference between Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • How many digital and analog pins does an Arduino have? (since I had mentioned Arduino and Raspberry Pi on my resume)
  • Which language are you comfortable in? (I answered Python)
  • Difference between list and tuple
  • What is docstring?
  • Which databases have you worked with?
  • Difference between PostgreSQL and SQL
  • Is left join and left outer join the same?
  • Why would you like to work for Jio?
I could not answer a few questions above, and was honest with the interviewer
Overall the interview took about 10 minutes and immediately I was informed that I was cleared for L2

L2 Interview

The L2 interview was also held on the same day, although very late at around 9 PM. I was asked questions based on my projects and skills and also some basic HR questions
  • What projects have you done?
  • Which language have you used? (in reference to my Lyricify project)
  • What language do you prefer? (I answered Python)
  • Why not Java?
  • What do you know about Linux? (I have mentioned Linux on my resume)
  • Do you have any certifications for Microsoft Azure? (since Azure is mentioned on my resume)
  • Why would you like to work for Jio?
  • Are you okay with the job location?
This interview lasted around 15 minutes. However there were a lot of interruptions during the interview as the interviewer was busy setting up online interviews for the remaining candidates.


Overall the interview process was quite straightforward, however time was not managed properly by the recruiters and some recruiters were conducting 40-45 minute long interviews even at 7 PM when there were more than 10 candidates awaiting their turn. This was very tiring. At the end, some candidates had to give online interviews from the college. The interviews finally got over at 11 PM

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